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5 STAR Review for Joyced! at the Edinburgh Fringe!!!


From www.thenewcurrent.com

It has taken me a few days to process what I saw when I went to see Joyced! at Assembly. One person shows are notoriously difficult to put on and the performer needs to have such a magnetic personality that one becomes draw to them. Katie O’Kelly one woman show is an exeptional piece of theatre that grabs hold of the imagination dragging you with both arms into the chaotic and wild Joycean Dublin at the turn of the century.

O’Kelly’s performance connects wonderfully to author James Joyce, the characters, and time. Before seeing the show it felt like a tall order and an impossible show that, perhaps, was too much for any performer to take on. After seeing it I felt the need to reconnect with Joyce’s work.

On stage O’Kelly brings every word of Donal O’Kelly’s play to life and it is her ability to inhabit this world and take on the additional players in this story that gives the play its authenticity. Afterwards I got talking to another reviewer who asked me what I thought and I was a little dumbstruck to put into tangible English just what I thought. But after a few minutes I said the intimate audience worked because it allowed us to get closer to O’Kelly. I said by closing ones eyes it was as though one was transported to the 1960s, to a small cafe off Oxford Street in London and sat there with a continental coffee a one woman show started in the corner of a smokey candlelit cafe.

Joyced! is a remarkable piece of theatre performed by an actress with such conviction, integrity and respect. Joyced! is one of the Top Five one person performances this year at the Fringe.


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