(formerly Donal O’Kelly Productions)
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Bat the Father Rabbit the Son

written and performed by Donal O’Kelly

music soundtrack by Trevor Knight


Donal O’Kelly performs his solo play Bat the Father Rabbit the Son:- An explosive psychological analysis of the generation that gave us The Tribunals.

It’s the late 1980s. Rabbit is a self-made haulage magnate. He’s up to his neck in the kind of deals destined to redefine the word “tribunal”. But something’s wrong. He cuts a deal with his underling Keogh to help him find what’s missing. This quest is hampered by eruptions from his deceased father Bat, former Citizen Army volunteer and pawn shop assistant, who has the power to come back and take over Rabbit’s body at will. The struggle between father and son, past and present, imagination and reality, spans Dublin. Their crazed voyage out of Howth and up the River Liffey builds to a climax described by The Guardian as “one of the strongest dramatic conclusions I’ve ever seen”.

“A prose poem of magical beauties and plunging vulgarities … friends, it is purely brilliant”
New York Post

“Magnificent script and performance”
The Scotsman

“Superbly written and performed portrayal of a father/son relationship”
Irish Times

“A sustained burst of imagination and invention”
Sunday Tribune

“A wild slapstick tour de force”
New York Times

“A powerful and unforgettable show”
The News, Adelaide

“This is a terrific show - go and help make this man rich and famous”
Evening News, Edinburgh