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Running Beast

A Music-theatre piece based on Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone.Music by Michael Holohan. Text by Donal O’Kelly.RbSlide1.jpgHugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone (1550-1616), as you’ve never imagined him before!He waits aboard ship in Lough Swilly, hoping his son Conn will arrive before they set sail. Dubbed “Running Beast” by Queen Elizabeth’s court, he races back through his tempestuous life and his war against Tudor rule in Ireland.Running Beast is performed by award-winning actor/writer Donal O’Kelly to music by Celtic Music Prize-winning composer Michael Holohan for uillean pipes (Mick O’Brien), string quartet (Maire Breatnach, Steve Larkin, Simone Mendonca and Diane O’Keeffe), double bass (Dan Bodwell), harpsichord (composer Michael Holohan) and percussion (Robbie Harris).Running Beast: a chamber-orchestra historical trad-rap!

“O’Kelly’s vividly colourful text, full of battle, political skullduggery and racy courtship, fits hand in glove with Holohan’s suggestive and evocative musicianship to produce a perfectly tailored evening”.DAILY MAIL

“A striking portrait of a striking man .. superb .. Holohan’s score is wonderful .. richly haunting .. wonderfully evocative”. SUNDAY TRIBUNE

 Running Beast is supported by the Inter-Departmental Flight of the Earls Commemoration Committee.Presented by Donal O’Kelly Productions.