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Joyced! Katie O’Kelly nominated for Stage Award for Acting Excellence!! Edinburgh Fringe 2012


Donal and Katie O'Kelly - Joyced! nominated for Stage Award

Donal and Katie O'Kelly - Joyced! nominated for Stage Award

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More stars and a great review for Joyced! from The Irish Post!!

"inspired performance..." Katie O'Kelly in Joyced!

"inspired performance..." Katie O'Kelly in Joyced!

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British Theatre Guide love Joyced!! 4 Stars and a great review

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5 STAR Review for Joyced! at the Edinburgh Fringe!!!


From www.thenewcurrent.com

It has taken me a few days to process what I saw when I went to see Joyced! at Assembly. One person shows are notoriously difficult to put on and the performer needs to have such a magnetic personality that one becomes draw to them. Katie O’Kelly one woman show is an exeptional piece of theatre that grabs hold of the imagination dragging you with both arms into the chaotic and wild Joycean Dublin at the turn of the century.

O’Kelly’s performance connects wonderfully to author James Joyce, the characters, and time. Before seeing the show it felt like a tall order and an impossible show that, perhaps, was too much for any performer to take on. After seeing it I felt the need to reconnect with Joyce’s work.

On stage O’Kelly brings every word of Donal O’Kelly’s play to life and it is her ability to inhabit this world and take on the additional players in this story that gives the play its authenticity. Afterwards I got talking to another reviewer who asked me what I thought and I was a little dumbstruck to put into tangible English just what I thought. But after a few minutes I said the intimate audience worked because it allowed us to get closer to O’Kelly. I said by closing ones eyes it was as though one was transported to the 1960s, to a small cafe off Oxford Street in London and sat there with a continental coffee a one woman show started in the corner of a smokey candlelit cafe.

Joyced! is a remarkable piece of theatre performed by an actress with such conviction, integrity and respect. Joyced! is one of the Top Five one person performances this year at the Fringe.

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Joyced! in Edinburgh is STAGE Magazine’s MUST SEE!!!



Assembly George Square

Donal O’Kelly has written a salute to James Joyce that is not a simple imitation of Ulysses but an exuberant celebration of language fully in the Joycean mode, and Katie O’Kelly delivers it with high energy and absolute clarity that leave you on a contact high.

On the convincing premise that much of what happened to Jimmy Joyce in the opening months of 1904 found its way into his conscious and unconscious preparation for writing Ulysses, playwright and actress walk us through his days in much the same way Joyce would follow Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom.

His strained relations with his father, his winning a bronze medal in a singing contest, his encounters with Alfred Hunter and other real-life people who would be transmuted into Ulysses characters, and his meeting and falling in love with his Molly Bloom, his future wife Nora, are all recounted in a rush of narrative that revels as much in the sheer joy of speaking the delicious words as in telling the story.

You don’t have to know Ulysses to follow this, though spotting the occasional signpost or verbal echo is part of the fun. You just have to love language as much as Joyce and the O’Kellys clearly do.

Published online
August 09, 2012
Review by
Gerald Berkowitz
Produced by
Lane of Stones
Written by
Donal O’Kelly
Sorcha Fox
Running until
August 27, 2012
Running time
1 hour 15 minutes
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Another 4 Star review for Joyced! @ The Edinburgh Fringe!!

An extract from the 4 Star Threeweeks review for Joyced!

at Assembly 2, George’s Sq, until the 26th Aug @ 4.45pm daily (except Mondays) - Go!

“Katie O’Kelly gives a remarkable performance as dozens of characters, and the writing eloquently weaves rhythms and strands from Joyce’s books and biography into engaging, enlightening and dramatic theatre. The work is academically and artistically rigorous..it is adapted to performance brilliantly.”


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A lovely review from Broadsides for Joyced! in Edinburgh :)

Sorcha Fox, Katie O'Kelly, Donal O'Kelly and Paul Laverty at the opening of Joyced! in Edinburgh

Sorcha Fox, Katie O'Kelly, Donal O'Kelly and Paul Laverty at the opening of Joyced! in Edinburgh

Joyced! in Edinburgh

“Of all the books on all the shelves in all the world then surely Ulysses would be the very last you would choose to actually perform. With its often impenetrable text and its binge of words. Yet here is young Katie O’Kelly, choosing Ulysses and with an Olympic feat of memory, a crisp Dublin diction and more courage than common sense, declaiming its essence to the Edinburgh Fringe. She takes us on a flight across Dublin visiting more pubs than we should, meeting Joyce’s mates, or as she says herself, Jimmy’s mates, for she knows him rather better than anyone in the audience will ever know him. And then we fly and sail and chuff across Europe following Jimmy’s peripatetic Irish exile. She must be a nutter to have taken this on. Yet she pulls it off rather beautifully. It works, even for the likes of me who are only attempting to read Joyce for the third or fourth time. It is a deep performance and she is destined, I think, for greater things.

I left astonished at her talent but above all her courage.”


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The Irish Post gets excited about Joyced! - Edinburgh Fringe 2012


Joyced! in The Edinburgh Fringe

Assembly 2, George’s Square @ 4.45pm until the 26th Aug - Spread the word!

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Reviews for Joyced! in Edinburgh - Wahoo!!

Our first four star Edinburgh review :) Thanks ‘Informed Edinburgh’!

‘Katie O’Kelly appears wearing black angel wings, and for the duration of the piece, scarcely drawing breath – she impersonates EVERY MEMBER of the James Joyce family, and a startling number of the characters from the modernist masterpiece that is “Ulysses”.

With no props other than a chair and her wings, and no costume changes at all, she becomes gossipy old women, Joyce’s drunken father, and Nora Joyce herself, all with the merest change of facial expression and a bewildering array of voices.’

The dialogue gives ‘an insight into Joyce’s linguistic pyrotechnics, and for those of us who have never got past page 130 in the book, a real sense of familiarity with the test of willpower and concentration that is Joyce’s most famous work.’

And a lovely review from whatsonstage!

‘Donal O’Kelly’s solo play, vigorously performed by his daughter Katie O’Kelly, is a regular little 45-minute tour de force’

‘O’Kelly’s text is a Joycean fruitcake of descriptive allusion and word play, operating as both a homage and a commentary and illustrating Joyce’s novel achievement in getting drunk on words; as Kenneth Tynan said much later of Brendan Behan, his language is out on a spree.’

‘Sorcha Fox’s production is great fun…Katie O’Kelly swirls the coloured cloak of her narrative in a stream of semi-consciousness, flying over the city on great black wings, a ravenous crow of a companion in a world where, for this one special day, everyone we meet has been well and truly Joyced. Even Joyce himself.’

Katie, JoJo and Joyce on George's Square!

Katie, JoJo and Joyce on George's Square!

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Joyced! Goes to the Edinburgh Fringe!!


Great interview with Katie O’Kelly about her current run in The Edinburgh Firnge at Assembly 2 on George’s Sq at 4.45 daily - spread the word!!

Katie O'Kelly on the front page of The Irish Post - Joyced has wings!!

Katie O'Kelly on the front page of The Irish Post - Joyced has wings!!

Reviews to come!

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