Doing laundry is something that most of us do regularly. Of course, no one could survive a month without washing their clothes unless you live beyond your need and can afford to shop for clothes every day. This is where your washing machine and dryer become necessary, as well as washing machine and dryer vent cleaning. If left neglected for a long time, your maintenance time and cost could evolve into twice as much as you expected — this time with repair costs added too! But worry not, as we will give you some hints on how to know if you now need to pay some attention to your dryer vent at home. Read through and enjoy!  

The signs that your dryer vent requires cleaning:  

  1. You notice some debris and lint around the dryer flap or in the dryer hose. As you use your dryer, it continuously collects dirt and debris from the water you use and the clothes you dry. Eventually, they will create a build-up to the extent that they already affect your dryer’s performance. To avoid this, when you notice some noticeable build-up, immediately schedule for cleaning or call a professional to help you.  
  2. It now takes your dryer some time to dry your clothes compared before – when your dryer is clogged with debris and other particles that have accumulated over time of use, the hot air that dries your clothes might have a hard time escaping through your dryer. This results in prolonging the drying time and leaves you frustrated.  
  3. Your clothes are hot when you touch them after the load – we get it. Your dryer equipment is supposed to make your clothes hot as it produces warm air to dry your clothes immediately. However, if you notice that the degree of temperature is high to the extent you can already burn your hands, you need to rethink. Your dryer is probably overheating, and it requires an immediate fix.  
  4. You smell some burning smell among the most noticeable signs that an electrical appliance is damaged, which does not exempt your dryer. Moreover, clothes and lint are highly flammable, so they do not need more heat to burn and produce that kind of smell. If you ever experience noticing a burning smell, immediately turn off your appliance and contact a professional. Electrical appliances that already have burning smells are highly fire-hazardous.  

You have not cleaned it for the whole year round – vents are supposed to be cleaned at least once a year, so if it comes to your attention that it has not been cleaned yet, then do not hesitate to contact professional cleaning services to schedule a cleaning.  

Not attending to its need to be cleaned or fixed, clogged or unmaintained vents may cause inconvenience, pests infestation, house fires, and higher bills and repair costs. To avoid all of these, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.