Hiring a wedding planner is one of the most crucial things you need to consider if you want to have that perfect wedding. Without them, your wedding day can be so disorganized, chaotic, and unfulfilling. Wedding designs and planning are the two main jobs that your planner can do, but do you know they can do more than these? Beyond these, they can do some extra little things that couples may need before the wedding day arrives.  

We interviewed some professionals and asked them the things that most people did not know that their wedding planner can do, and we came up with this list:  

  1. They can initiate family mediation – weddings require the family of both parties to agree on certain things. Without cooperation from both sides, the wedding would turn out chaotic and disorderly. With this in mind, ensure that your families are on good terms regarding different aspects of the wedding. The good thing is, you can rely on your wedding planner for this!  
  2. Come up with the best design elements – most people think that the wedding planner’s only job is to organize your list of preferences and make your choices work to have a good wedding. Little do they know that their planner can also help you choose among all the options provided to you: rentals, decors, color palettes, lighting, and more. If it comes to aesthetics, ask the experts!  
  3. Set up your wedding website – having a website for the wedding is something most couples would not normally think of, as this is quite a new hype. While the website itself offers many advantages, relying on your wedding planner is also highly recommended. They can tweak or change some elements on the website to ensure aesthetics are not compromised.  
  4. Manage your finances – when it comes to handling wedding finances, there is nothing more recommended individuals, besides financial experts, than your wedding planners. Your wedding planner can help you oversee expenses and cater to your budget plan. They are also helpful in keeping track of the payments and ensure nothing gets missed.  
  5. Send off the wedding invitations – what usually happens before the wedding is that it is the bridesmaids or you who send off wedding invitations. Well, you will be happy to know that you can also rely on your wedding planner for a systematic and organized sending off of the wedding invitations. Ask them for their advice and do what they say if it suits your liking.  
  6. Schedule some meetings for the wedding – your planner; if professional, your planner can schedule some important meetings needed for the wedding, such as meetings for the venue, catering, vendor, and other things to ensure that the wedding will encounter no problems all.  

Hiring a wedding planner can certainly give you so much edge in wanting to have the perfect wedding you ever dreamed of. Now that you know what you can expect from your planner, we hope that this will serve as a helpful guide for you to achieve the wedding you deserve!